Firearms Forms & Applications
Sergeant Patty Fisher is the Newbury Police Department contact person for concerns and questions regarding firearms licensing.

She can be reached by calling (978) 462-4440 Ext. 105 or  by E-mail

For concerns regarding firearms seized or held for safekeeping by the Newbury Police Department, please contact Sgt Fisher.

Property status can also be obtained by submitting a Property Status Inquiry

  • Change of Address Notification: Use this form to notify the Firearms Record Bureau that your address has changed. According to MGL c 140 s140, s129B and s131:  A cardholder shall notify the licensing authority that issued such firearms license, the Chief of Police into whose jurisdiction such cardholder moves, and the Commissioner of the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services of any change of address within 30-days of its occurrence.  Failure to notify any of these entities shall be cause for revocation or suspension of the license. 

  • Firearms License Review Board Petition: Individuals otherwise disqualified from possessing a FID or LTC because of certain misdemeanor convictions(s) may petition the FLRB for review by filling out this form. Upon reading these instructions and completing your firearms application, you should bring your application, copies of safety certificates and a check made payable to "Town of Newbury" to the Newbury Police Department and the dispatcher will schedule you with an appointment to meet with the firearms licensing officer.  We recommend renewal applications be dropped off between 2-3 months PRIOR to the expiration date on the card.  New applications generally take 6 weeks after your appointment with the firearms licensing officer to be activated. 

  • Juvenile Waiver (PDF): FID Card Applicants between the ages of 15-17 years old must have a parent / guardian complete this form and have that parent / guardian with them during their appointment. Juvenile applicants cannot meet with the firearms licensing officer before their 15th birthday.

  • Lost, Misplaced or Stolen LTC or FID Card: Please complete the attached affidavit if your FID or LTC has been lost, misplaced or stolen. Do not use this form to report lost, misplaced or stolen firearms, rather contact the police department immediately to file a report. 

  • Federally Prohibited Persons: As a federally prohibited person with a valid FID Card, you may only purchase or possess the following: Chemical sprays designed to incapacitate as defined by MGL 140 § 121; Black powder or similar ammunition for use with primitive firearms or replicas of primitive firearms as described in MGL 140 § 121.  For more information on Federally Prohibited Persons, please review attached PDF.

  • Request for PIN#: If you misplaced your PIN#, please email Sgt. Patty Fisher and provide her with your full name, date of birth, contact phone number and license number and she will be in touch with you to provide you with your PIN#.  Please allow 2 weeks for this to take place.  Newbury Police Department can only access PIN information for licenses they originally issued, if your license was initially issued out of another police department, please contact that departments firearms licensing officer for assistance. 
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