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Emergency: Dial 911 Business Phone: (978) 462-4440 
Main Fax: (978) 463-3056   Administrative Fax: (978) 465-7582

Chief Michael A. Reilly      Ext. 120

Deputy Chief John Lucey Jr.   Ext. 122

Admin. Asst. Stephanie Roper Ext. 123

Sergeant Jay Routhier Ext. 106
Firearms Instructor, Scheduling

Sergeant Patty Fisher   Ext. 105
Firearms Licensing, Property Officer
Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes

Sergeant Stephen Jenkins Ext. 127
Firearms Instructor, LEAPS Coordinator,
NEMLEC Officer

Det. Sergeant Aaron WojtkowskiExt. 124  
Records, Cyber Crime, Sex Crimes

Full-Time Officers
Officer Mark Smigielski  Ext.. 213
Firearms Instructor, NEMLEC Motor Unit

Officer Michael Croteau Ext. 201
Fleet Manager

Officer Stephen Smith         Ext. 214    

Officer Dan Jenkins Ext. 215

Officer Jason daCunha   Ext. 216

Officer John Lucey III      Ext. 217
School Resource Officer, Tech Support

Reserve Officers
Reserve Officer James Velonis   Ext. 218
Harbormaster Sergeant

Reserve Officer Michael Mailhot  Ext. 219

Reserve Officer Charles Colby Jr.Ext. 220

Reserve Officer Joe GamacheExt. 221

Reserve Officer William LeBlond Ext. 222

Reserve Officer Christina Hunt    Ext. 223

Reserve Officer John Baker  Ext. 224

Reserve Officer Nathan Hunt Ext. 225

Emergency Communications
ECO Brad Dicenzo     Ext. 228

Special Assignments
Parking Clerk Susan Noyes   Ext. 260

Animal Control Officer Carol LeRocque   Ext. 112

Shellfish Constable Paul ThistlewoodExt. 270

Code Enforcement Official Steve Mangion     Ext. 226
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Newbury Police Department
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Emergency: 911  Business: (978)462-4440
Main Fax: (978)-463-3056   Admin Fax: (978) 465-7582