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Request a Police Report
Requesting a Report:
The Newbury Police Department understands that the release of police report cover sheets is typically a requirement for insurance company reimbursements, civil case issues, etc. If you require a police report, you can request it by filling out this form. Please understand that we will only provide you with a cover sheet for open investigations (no investigative report narratives). All confidential information will be redacted. 

The reports that are typically released would be:

Motor Vehicle Crash Reports
Larceny Reports (perpetrator not yet identified)
Cases where Civil Litigation is Being Pursued
Restraining Order related issues
Specific Daily Police Log Entries

Upon completing this application, it will be reviewed by a supervisor. You may be contacted for a follow-up where there may be questions regarding the purpose of your request. If the requested report is relative to an open case, your request may be denied and you will be referred to the Newburyport District Attorney's office. It would be there that a decision would be made as to how you can be accommodated.

If it is determined that the report can be released, you will have the option of having it sent via Email, Postal Carrier, or FAX (provide FAX number in "Notes" field).

The Newbury Police Department reserves the right to assess the statutory processing fee of $5.00.
Submitting a file (report, photo, etc):
You may also use this form to submit a statement, photograph, or any other electronic file that may be associated to an investigation or incident. For this purpose, there is an Attach An Associated File field on the form.